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When Michael Jack "Gorgeous" Byrne and Sean "King Puck" Jones are being ordained in the near future the ordaining bishop will ask the following question during the ceremony and before ordaining them:

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Presentation of the Candidate

When the candidate is in his place before the bishop, the priest designated by the bishop says: 

Most Reverend Father, holy mother Church asks you to ordain this man, our brother, for service as priest.

The bishop says: Do you judge him to be worthy?

He answers: After inquiry among the people of Christ and upon recommendation of those concerned with his training, I testify that he has been found worthy.

Election by the Bishop and Consent of the People

13.  Bishop: We rely on the help of the Lord God and our Savior Jesus Christ, and we choose this man, our brother, for priesthood in the presbyteral order.

All present say: Thanks be to God.


If Gorgeous is ordained in The Irish College in Rome the priest answering the bishop (probably Diarmuid) will probably be the rector of the Irish College - Monsignor O'Carroll, a Dublin priest and a favourite of Diarmuid's.

If ordained in Dublin's Pro Cathedral the priest will be the administrator of the Pro Cathedral - a friend of Gorgeous', a priest from Archbishop's House or one of the Maynooth / Irish College staff.

If King Puck is ordained in Kerry the priest could be Fanny Mullaney of Maynooth or a priest of Kerry.


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The People of God are the people of the Archdiocese of Dublin / Diocese of Kerry, the people of Ireland, the people of Maynooth and indeed the readers of this Blog.

Which of those people will have received an enquiry from anyone as to whether or not Michael Byrne or Sean Jones are WORTHY of being ordained a priest?

The only ones whose "opinions" may have been asked would be Mullaney, Collins and Prior of Maynooth and O'Carroll and his fellow staff of the Irish College.

The PEOPLE OF GOD will have NO INPUT into the decision to ordain / not ordain.

Image result for the people of god

This so called ENQUIRY will be a complete and total charade.

We are even told that the Seminary Council at Maynooth once told Diarmuid Martin that Gorgeous was not suitable and Diarmuid over ruled them and told them to take him back.



Has anyone - archbishop, bishop, monsignor, priest etc actually sat in front of the Blessed Sacrament and said to Jesus: "Jesus, should I ordain N..... Please guide me"?

I seriously doubt it.

So, instead of the people responding: "THANKS BE TO GOD" maybe they should be responding:


You see the RC Church (and other churches" have departed from the tradition of the Apostolic and early Christian Church where a man was put forward for ministry by the agreement and consent of the whole gathered church - the TRUE PEOPLE OF GOD.

The Catholic Church has become a HIERARCHY and a CLERICAL CLUB and the whole raison d'etre of that hierarchy and clerical club is the preservation and furtherance of the hierarchy and club.

The so called PEOPLE OF GOD are called upon to:

Pay up!

Pray up!

Shut up!

The CHURCH TAIL is now firmly wagging the CHURCH DOG!

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The episcopate / priesthood is now an ecclesiastical mafia. The "dons" decide who can join, who can do well, who has to go etc.

The People of God are merely a paying audience who watch the main characters play out the comedies, tragedies, dramas, horrors and love stories on the stage which is raised above audience level.

The shepherds are wolves in sheep's clothing inviting new wolves into the pack to go and ravish the sheep.

The shepherd are not true shepherds after the mind of Christ.  

They are false shepherds entering by the back door!

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And we are being asked to view future ordinations as the WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT" and the sending of WORKERS INTO THE LORD'S VINEYARD. 

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As my deceased father used to say:

"Pull the other one. There's bells on it"!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Is it the case that TWO SECRET IRISH ORDINATIONS to the priesthood are planned in the next couple of weeks?

That is the ordination of of Deacon Michael Jack "Gorgeous" Byrne who is currently in Rome.

Self published photo of Gorgeous

And the ordination of Deacon Sean "King Puck" Jones who is presently living in the parochial house in Listowel in Co. Kerry.

Sean Jones on left
Yesterday a current Maynooth seminarian told us that the Maynooth Class of 2017 photograph was hung up on the wall in Maynooth.

The seminarian said that Gorgeous was in the picture and he never mentioned Jones. But I would imagine that if Gorgeous is on it so is Jones?

The seminarian further told us that the other ordinands in the class did not want Gorgeous' picture included in the class piece but they were over ruled by the seminary authorities?

One of the strange thigs about their inclusion is that neither Gorgeous or Jones are students of Maynooth.

Last summer Diarmuid Martin removed Gorgeous from Maynooth and made him a student of the Irish College in Rome?

Surely then his picture should be on the Irish College class of 2017 and not on Maynooth's?

Or maybe they will put him on both?

Jones also left Maynooth a year ago and was sent to live as a deacon in the parish of Listowel in Co. Kerry.

Image result for ordination chalice

Normally seminarians are told months in advance that they will be ordained on a certain date, at a certain time, in a certain place and by a certain bishop.

Image result for ordination vestments

This gives the seminarians time to purchase vestments, purchase an ordination chalice, book a hotel or venue for their after ordination reception, inform their families etc.

Image result for ordination invitation card

But in the case of Gorgeous and Jones all these normal, simple, practical and necessary little matters have been raised to the equivalent of STATE SECRETS!

We do not know if Diarmuid Martin has committed himself to ordaining Gorgeous.

We do not know if Ray Brown has committed himself to ordaining Jones.

Have the dates been set?

Have the venues being set?

Who will be the ordaining bishops?

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is a PUBLIC SACRAMENT that should be celebrated OPENLY in full view of the GATHERED CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY.

Surely we do not live in Russia or China where the state persecutes the church

Why do we have to have SECRET ORDINATIONS?

Is someone, somewhere afraid that someone in the congregation will stand up during the ordination ceremony and object to the ordination proceeding on some ground?

Is someone, somewhere afraid that the media will be present at the ordinations and that the MAYNOOTH GAY SUMMER of 2016 will be all over the papers again?

Is someone, somewhere afraid that there might be a group of protesters with banners outside the church where the ordinations are taking place?

Have Gorgeous and Jones been told when they will be ordained?

Or will Diarmuid Martin and Ray Brown pick them up in the middle of the night and drive them to a secret church location where the Rites of Ordination will be celebrated in candle light?

Maybe they will be ordained in the middle of the night in the Catacombs in Rome?

Or maybe they will be ordained in the cellars of a disused convent - like the convent the Tuam babies were buried in?

Could they even be ordained in the under ground septic tank at Knock Basilica in Mayo?

After their ordinations will they be known as "THE KNOCK TWO"?

Image result for schsss

SHUSH !!!!!



Priest who came to Ireland in 1990s linked to nun's murder in new Netflix documentary The Keepers

Sister Catherine Anne Cesnick, Fr Joseph Maskell. PIC: Netflix

A priest who moved to Ireland from the US in the mid 1990s has been linked to the murder of a nun in Netflix's new documentary The Keepers.

The seven part series, which debuts on the streaming site on Friday, examines the unsolved murder of Catholic nun Sister Cathy Cesnik, in Baltimore in 1969.

Nobody has ever been charged despite a lead emerging in the 1990s when one of her former students at Keough High School came forward to claim she was sexually abused by the high school's chaplain Father Joseph Maskell.
She also revealed that she was taken to see Sister Cathy's undiscovered body and was told, 'See what happens when you say bad things about people.'

Police believe she was murdered to prevent her revealing abuse at the school.
In The Keepers director Ryan White goes beyond the murder and uncovers clergy abuse, repressed memories and government and religious institutions that he says “at best, dropped the ball over the last 45 years – and, at worst, covered it up.”

The Sunday Times reports that the late Fr Maskell fled to Ireland in 1994 after police arrived to arrest him but that in correspondence between Fr Maskell and the Bishop he claimed he had been given temporary leave in America.
He was employed by the health service as a psychologist.  When the diocese contacted Baltimore they were told about the allegations against him and this information was given to the health service.

However, the priest continued to work as a psychologist in private practice in Wexford until 1998.  He later returned to America and died in 2001.

Police investigating the murder in Baltimore exhumed his body earlier this year and DNA results are expected this summer.


Over the past two evenings I have watched THE KEEPERS on Netflix on my TV.

I thought that I had heard it all about the evil in the Roman Catholic Church and that I could not be shocked.

THE KEEPERS shocked me to the very core of my being.

It is the story of 100+ girls being abused in a Baltimore Catholic school by the school chaplain Father Joseph Maskell.

One of the nun teachers at the school found out what happened and she was murdered!

Father Maskell brought a girl student he was abusing to see the dead body in a ditch to show her what would happen to her if she talked.

Father Maskell was also a police chaplain and the police covered up for him.

In fact he was providing school girls to police officers and others to rape.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore covered up for Father Maskell and moved him from parish to parish!

When the going got tough for Maskell he WAS MOVED TO WEXFORD IN IRELAND where he died without having to answer for his horrific crimes!

Image result for wexford


We thought we had heard it all with the child abuse and the Tuam babies.



Not just abuse and rape - but murder!

How anyone can support the Catholic Church after all this is totally beyond my comprehension ???

Monday, 22 May 2017


No exceptions to new diocesan regulation

Bishop Browne: no exceptions to regulation

SUNDAY funerals will no longer be allowed in the Diocese of Kerry, it has been decided.
Bishop Ray Browne has informed his priests that the new rule, which will apply from mid-afternoon on Saturdays until Monday mornings, will come into force on September 1 and it applies to Mass, liturgy and burials.
Removals to the church will be allowed on Saturday or Sunday evenings, however.
Bishop Browne said that he realises many people will have reservations about the decision but he stressed it was taken after extensive consultations with the laity and clergy throughout the diocese.
He said the change is necessary for many reasons, including factors in individual parishes and the availability of priests.
“Parishes are reminded that there be no exceptions to this diocesan regulation,” Bishop Browne stressed.
The new rule will also apply to St Patrick’s Day and, of course, Christmas Day.
“On the other holy days of obligation, for flexibility reasons, the decision is left to the local parish while discouraging such funerals for liturgical reasons,” the bishop added.


Bishop Ray Brown of Kerry who is planning to ordain Deacon Sean "King Puck" Jones soon has banned Sunday funerals in Kerry.

Sunday funerals have been part and parcel of country life in Ireland since Adam was a boy.

He has taken this step without consulting the lay people of the diocese - the thousands of people who will be affected by his autocratic decision.

People are genuinely upset by this decision "from on high".

There is absolutely no reason why a funeral cannot take place at the Sunday Mass with burial afterwards in the nearby cemetery.

Neither do I see a problem with a priest putting on an extra Sunday Mass to facilitate the people who have been paying into their parishes and the diocese for centuries.

I Hope that the Kerry laity will not take this lying down.






One of the reasons we have launched the Independent Catholic Church is to give people an alternative place to go when dictatorial bishops and priests refuse to serve them as they should.

We can provide Catholic priests to conduct the weddings and funerals etc that the haughty RC guys refuse to do.

Just contact us at:

Yesterday we added a NEW BLOG to the ICC website.
You can access it through the website home page or at:

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Image result for cardinal parolin
Cardinal Parolin
An informed Vatican source has informed me that in recent weeks an important meeting took place between two Vatican officials. The two people present that that meeting was the Vatican's second in command - Cardinal Pietro Parolin - Vatican Secretary of State - and the outgoing papal nuncio to the Dominican Republic Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo.

Image result for archbishop okolo
Archbishop Okolo
The agenda for the meeting was Archbishop Okolo's new appointment as papal nuncio to Ireland and the Vatican's concerns about the Irish Catholic Church.

The particular focus of the meeting was the Vatican's concerns over last year's gay scandal at Maynooth and the inability of the Irish bishops to satisfactorily deal with that scandal. 

Also of concern was the determination by a number of Irish bishops to press ahead with the ordinations of some seminarians who were central to that scandal.

On the table were several large files about the scandals that included not only a plethora of newspaper cuttings from the Irish and world newspapers about the scandal - but also numerous letters and complaints from a number of prominent Irish Catholics and Catholic clergy.

A Vatican monsignor who attended the first part of the meeting had created a summary of the news reports and complaints and had prepared a copy of that summary for the cardinal and papal nuncio.

I am told that the names of several Irish bishops, priests and seminarians came up during the meeting.

Apparently this meeting happened as a result of Pope Francis asking Cardinal Parolin to address the "Irish Problem" and report back to him. A number of prominent and well placed people had drawn Francis' attention to the issues involved during the pope's brief encounters with them.

Before this meeting between Parolin and Okolo it had been decided at the Vatican that the then nuncio - Archbishop Charles Brown needed to be replaced in Ireland as these scandals had erupted on his watch and they had not been dealt with.

The Vatican had then looked around for Brown's replacement in Ireland. They were looking for a more experienced diplomat who had experience in dealing with such scandals.

They decided on Okolo as he was the nuncio sent to the Dominican Republic after the previous nuncio there Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski had sexually abused Dominican Republic boys during stint there as nuncio.

Image result for archbishop jozef wesolowski
Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski

Wesolowski was later put on trail at the Vatican and died suddenly in his Vatican residence !!!

He was given the funeral rites of a Catholic layman !!!

The Vatican felt that Okolo had done a good job in mopping up that particular sexual scandal which had been very embarrassing for the Vatican. 

It was decided that Okolo was the man to send to Ireland to address the Maynooth gay scandal and the failure by the bishops to address it robustly. 

While the new nuncio to Ireland - who arrives this summer - will conduct all the normal duties of a nuncio he comes with a number of special priorities:

1. Appointing a new archbishop of Dublin to replace Diarmuid Martin. The Vatican is not convinced that Diarmuid Martin did enough to address the Maynooth scandal. They also have concerns about his poor relationship with Dublin's priests and with his fellow Irish bishops. 

Martin will resign Dublin on 8th April 2020.

Image result for maynooth scandal

2. Finding a "final solution" to the Maynooth problem. There are many in the Vatican who think it should be closed completely and all future seminarians trained in Rome.

3. Appointing new bishops for the dioceses of Meath, Raphoe, Ossory, Clonfert, Galway, Cork, and Clogher.

The Vatican knows that the Irish Catholic Church is in decline.

They know that there is little they can do about the decline.

But they want to manage the decline and reduce the number of scandals.

Okolo is coming to Ireland to try and put the rudderless ship back on some kind of steady course.

He will have a difficult job.

The vessel is holed below the water line!

Why we need a secular state for a pluralist people

The Irish population is no longer in thrall to the Catholic Church

Ireland urgently needs to separate church and State, to protect equally everyone’s right to freedom of religion or belief. The recent census showed that one in 10 of our population identifies as having no religion, more than all minority religions combined, and the real figure is probably much higher.Yet we have grown up with religious discrimination that is so prevalent it is almost invisible, perpetuated by a nod and wink political ethos of religious subservience.
Until relatively recently, homosexuality was illegal, divorce was unconstitutional and the Virgin Megastore was fined for selling a condom.
Today, we still have religious oaths that prevent a conscientious atheist from being president, a judge, attorney general, taoiseach, tánaiste or chair of the Dáil or Seanad.
The Catholic Church runs most of our State-funded schools and hospitals, with exemptions from our equality laws that allow them discriminate on the grounds of religion. We are often told that this is for historic reasons, but the Government plans to gift a new ¤300 million National Maternity Hospital to the church.
Most State-funded schools can give preference to Catholics, and can evangelise non-Catholic children by integrating a Catholic ethos throughout the curriculum. Atheists and religious minorities cannot access the teaching or medical professions, in State-funded schools and hospitals, without religious discrimination.
The Constitution still refers to the place of women in the home, and pregnant women still have to travel abroad for abortions. Religious bodies can solemnise marriages while also promoting political causes, but secular bodies are forbidden from doing so.
Dáil prayers
Earlier this month, our parliament voted to force all TDs to stand for a Christian prayer asking “Christ Our Lord” to direct every aspect of their work. And our police have just investigated a complaint that Stephen Fry blasphemed on our national television station, which broadcasts a Catholic call to prayer at prime time every day.
We are so accustomed to this avalanche of religious discrimination that we do not realise how outrageous it is.
Atheist Ireland lobbies at the United Nations and Council of Europe for Ireland to respect the human rights treaties to which it has signed up. In recent years, 10 international human rights bodies have told Ireland that our schools breach the human rights of atheists and religious minorities.
In the Louise O’Keeffe case, the European Court told Ireland that, regardless of who runs the schools, the State remained responsible for protecting the human rights of pupils.
Nils Muiznieks, Council of Europe human rights commissioner, said he had never seen anything like the Irish school system, where patron bodies are holding the State hostage.
Waleed Sadi, United Nations economic, social and cultural rights rights chairman, compared Ireland to a developing country, saying we are unique in Europe where separation of church and state is almost sacrosanct.
Nigel Rodley, the late United Nations Human Rights Committee chairman, linked many of our social problems to the Catholic Church, and said our law treated pregnant women as vessels.
Blasphemy law
In contrast, Pakistan, on behalf of Islamic countries where blasphemers face the death penalty, has cited the Irish blasphemy law as best practice internationally.
We urgently need a secular Constitution, parliament, government, education system and healthcare system.We need one law for all, with no discrimination or privilege for religious people or atheists.
The most substantive religious discrimination is in our schools, against parents, children and teachers from atheist and religious minority backgrounds.
But the current plans from Minister for Education Richard Bruton will simply fine-tune and reinforce the existing discrimination against our three communities and other minorities.
The Minister is focusing on fine-tuning the relatively small problem of access, but is not addressing the far more important problem of discrimination and evangelisation within the schools.
Even if the State provided the 400 multidenominational schools that it hopes to within 15 years, that would still be a small proportion of the more than 3,000 religious-ethos schools.
And the church is trying to negotiate a stronger Catholic ethos in the majority of schools that it would retain. That would leave most atheist and minority-faith parents in an even worse position than now.
The Irish population has moved on. We are no longer in thrall to the Catholic Church. But our politicians, laws and Constitution need to catch up with the people.
“We are so accustomed to this avalanche of religious discrimination that we do not realise how outrageous it is


I totally agree with all that Michael Nugent says above with the exception of his views on abortion.

We need TOTAL separation between church and state in Ireland.

No one church or religion should be favoured in anyway by the state.

Ireland must be a secular, pluralist and modern democracy.

State officials should only attend church services in their private lives as individuals.

Far too much evil and suffering in Ireland has come from the far too close relationship between the state and religion.


Thursday, 18 May 2017


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I HAVE NEVER MET SINEAD O'CONNOR much less ordain her to the priesthood!

Every where I go people ask me: "How is Sinead". I always answer: "I don't know. I have never met her".

Sinead O'Connor was ordained a priest in a hotel room at the shrine of Mary in Lourdes in France by the Tridentine bishop Michael Cox. The only other person, to my knowledge, present was an Irish journalist.

At the time the ordination made the headlines and Sinead O'Connor rang me from Lourdes to ask me to publicly support her ordination.

I had, and still have, no problem with Sinead being a priest. God can call ANYONE - man or woman to the priesthood.

But as I explained to Sinead at the time I think it would have been very important for Sinead to have spent a considerable period of time preparing for ordination. As it was she had spent no time doing so.

So, is she a priest?

The short answer to that question, is that she is! She was ordained a priest by a validly consecrated bishop.

Bishop Michael Cox was consecrated a bishop in the episcopal lineage of  the Vietnamese Roman Catholic Archbishop Peter Ngo Den Thuc.

Image result for archbishop kno den thuc

The now retired Roman Catholic Bishop of Killaloe - William Walsh - a canon lawyer has also attested to Bishop Cox's priestly and episcopal validity when he wrote:

Image result for bishop willie walsh

Killaloe Diocesan Office
Co. Clare.

1. My understanding is that Patrick (Michael Cox) was ordained to the priesthood by a Catholic Bishop. His ordination would therefore be valid even if unlawful as the said Bishop was acting without the approval of the Holy See.

2. My understanding is that the priest Patrick (Michael) Cox was later consecrated a bishop by a Catholic Bishop. His consecration as bishop would be deemed valid even if unlawful because the said Bishop was acting without the approval of the Holy See.

3. To validly administer the sacrament of penance a priest requires the approval of and permission of the local bishop. Bishop Cox does not have my approval or permission to do so.

Signed, + Willial Walsh

So Sinead is indeed a priest. Of course the Roman Catholic Church does not recognise her as a priest because they claim that a woman is not capable of receiving the grace of Holy Orders!

I like Sinead a lot and for two particular reasons:

1. She is one of us "walking wounded" having suffered abuse etc in her early life. I think that God is always very close to those who suffer / have suffered.

2. She is amazingly generous. I have done some work with the heroine addicts who hang about Grafton Street in Dublin and they have told me stories about her bringing them food at night and about her kindness to them - especially at Christmas.

Cynical people have and will mock Sinead as a person and as a priest. They should remember the words of Scripture:

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. (1 Cor: 1 - 27)



Interim Secretary - 
Mr  Paul Creaner


Bishop Pat Buckley
07900 287283

Experts to advise on exhumation of Tuam babies site

INTERNATIONAL experts are to be brought in to provide advice on the potential mass exhumation of bodies from the Tuam Mother and Baby Home site.
The Government will today consider the ‘next steps’ for the site, where it is believed hundreds of dead babies were buried by nuns between 1925 and 1961.
Among the decisions to be taken in the coming months is whether officials believe it will be possible to ID any of the remains.
Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone (pictured) will update the Cabinet on developments at the site since it was revealed in March that “significant quantities” of human remains were found.
Ms Zappone’s office declined to comment ahead of her Cabinet briefing, but it is understood she will tell colleagues decisions need to be taken quickly.
She wants to set up an inter-departmental group to focus on sourcing technical expertise from within the State and abroad.
This group will look at the best international practice in the event that a decision is taken for a full excavation.
As part of this it will seek advice over what it would involve if the State was to try to identify the remains buried at the site. Depending on the final number of babies, this could be a huge undertaking.
Experts will also be asked to advise on the best way of protecting the human remains while work is carried out at the site.
Image result for tuam babies

In March, it was revealed that a commission set up to investigate mother and baby homes had carried out exploratory works in Tuam.
Amateur historian Catherine Corless had claimed close to 800 babies could be buried on the site. The Commission admitted it was “shocked” after finding remains in 17 underground chambers that appeared to have been used for the treatment or containment of sewage or waste water. A small number of the remains were recovered for the purpose of analysis.
“These remains involved a number of individuals with age-at-death ranges from approximately 35 foetal weeks to two to three years,” it said.
“Radiocarbon dating of the samples recovered suggest that the remains date from the timeframe relevant to the operation of the mother and baby home.”
The Bon Secours nuns ran the home from 1925 until its closure in 1961.
A number of the samples recovered are believed to date from the 1950s, but further scientific tests are being conducted.
At the time of the discovery, Ms Zappone said: “We will honour their memory and make sure that we take the right actions now to treat their remains appropriately.”


I am glad that these innocent little babies bodies will be removed from the septic tank and given a proper and dignified burial.

I hope the RC archbishop of Tuam and his clergy will not be asked to conduct any ceremonies at the reburial.

And if they are I hope they will have the common sense to decline - and not compound the hypocrisy and cruelty that caused the babies to be cast into the septic tank in the first place.



The Maynooth Mafia had a video removed from Youtube that was a send up of them and the bishops trying to cover up the gay scandal.

It has made its way back on to Youtube.

Here it is for you again: